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The Conchillas people, is located to the Southwest of the department of Cologne in the Oriental Republic of the Uruguay.

It is located to 7 km of the National Route Nº 21 and at equal distance of the river of the Silver, to 50 km from the departmental capital, Cologne of the Sacramento and to 40 km from Carmelo's city.

There possesses a population of approximately 500 inhabitants.

Conchillas has been able to support his customs since his constructions for municipal arranging have survived, without big alterations.

The ambience is preserved in the natural state, without any type of contamination, surrounded by indigenous mounts, and a varied scenery.

To 7 km by paved route there is located the river of the Silver and the pacific Spa of the West, where from in the nights there can be discerned the lights of the city of Buenos Aires. Also there is the Port Conchillas that one of the fishing most generous possesses of the River Plate.

So much the beaches of the spa as the waters of the Creek San Francisco, they are ideal to take baths and to practise nautical sports, having in this creek that ends to the river, an important yachts mooring.


His most pronounced historical point took place in the year 1887, with the arrival of the British company C. H. Walker and Cía. that came with the target to exploit the dunes in the direction of the construction of the port of Buenos Aires. This emprendimiento caused the workers' arribo that they were coming from diverse nationalities like Englishmen, Italians, Bulgarians, Scots, Greeks, Austrians, Basques, Turks and Germans, who populated and shaped the village.

The company set off, remaining only the constructions and many progeny of Italians, Greeks, Bulgarians and other nationalities.

Nowadays his Cemetery is a real art sample in his mausoleums, turning out to be an extraordinary witness of this plurality.

The Hotel Conchillas and the houses of the first inhabitants who date from 1976 were declared Historic monuments when they were 120 years of existence, these were constructed of stone of approximately one meter of thickness, sessions in lime or mud and graffiti of yellow. The roofs are to two waters, of zinc grooved and painted of red, they are placed in eleven bodies habitacionales of 120 mts. of length each one.

The Hotel, it was a part of the ?House Evans and Cía., it was founded by the immigrant David Evans and emphasized for being one of the most important commerce of the country, so much so the Government authorized the acuñe of its own currency. It was destined to lodge to the hierarchic personnel come from England.

It has an aptitude to lodge 200 persons, it is a building of high category, built concerning a courtyard in "U" that opens in a wide park with indigenous and transplanted trees, with courts of tennis and of bowls.

? Evans and Cia." it is a signature that from the year 1911 has moved big volumes quantities in the diverse titles that it produces, serving to the whole stripe, between them, exportation of cattle, leather, wool, wood and cereals and import of machineries automotorboats, farmers, hardware, furniture, eatables, clothes and others. It had free zone for his own use and a ship of big so called tonnage "The Flower of the Uruguay".

The Anglican Church that then happened to be an Evangelical Temple Baptist, possesses an architectural structure similar to the previous ones that shows the pretension of the Englishmen to teach his values to the community. Of a side of the building the school is located and of other the Temple.

The Port of Conchillas also preserves tracks of those epochs.

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